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Orientation of the MAP

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There should be some indication of which direction North is on the map. Many maps have grid lines criss-crossing the map. Normally these run North-South and East West. However this is not always the case. There is a 1:250,000 scale map of Jasper National Park that does not follow this norm.

Grid References

Grid lines are drawn on our 1:50,000 maps at 1 km intervals. A grid reference locates a position to the nearest 100 meters. However any 6 digit grid reference will also occur at points 100 km north, south, east and west of this point. So for a more precise reference always quote the map number or the full grid reference using the other numbers on the side of the map close to the corners.

map grid example The first 3 numbers are the west-east reference and the last 3 are the south-north reference, e.g.:
  • The grid reference of point x is 574138

  • Point x is 4/10ths of the way from the 57 line to the 58 line

  • Point x is 8/10ths of the way from the 13 line to the 14 line

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