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Mt. Kalisungan Climb

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Elevation: 760+ meters above sea level
Location: Calauan Laguna Province
Jump-off Point: Eraes Farms
Estimated Budget: P500

Mt. Kalisungan

          Original plan for the Kalisungan climb should have been December 2007 but since we are busy for the preparation of the DPM anniversary and birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ we planned to make it on the second week of January 2008 (hindi pwede first week kasi nasa Pangasinan ako, hehehe.. sarap Hundred Islands), but unfortunately the 12th and 13th of January did not push through because there is a LPA (Low Pressure Area) coming and its going to struck the Luzon area, so it will be dangerous for us if we push through for this climb (syempre SAFETY First).

On the 26th of January Saturday the day was good and based on the internet, the weather will be good, so the Kalisungan climb was finally came true.  The DPM Kalisungan climbers are as follows:
Bhong Fines, Joepz Tanega, No2x Fines, Bhaby Fines, Dave Prado, Jay Mendez,  Jomar and his wife Gwen Mendez, and especially Ken Borj the new to the DPM group.

We departed here at Pacita at around 1300H (this is supposed to be 1200H, pero namalengke pa kasi kami kaya 1:00 pm na po) and boarded a jeep via calamba route (P30.00), we get down at Calamba waltermart were bhaby fines is waiting for us and this is also where we will ride our next destination to Masapang (P23.00) via a Sta Cruz passenger jeep (may itik itong malaki). After we got there at Masapang, we take a tricycle ride to Eraes Farms were the fare here is P40.00/ tricycle. We arrived at jump-off point at 1500H and start to prepare for the trek.

So our trek now begun at 1530H, the first entry at Eraes farms we already noticed that the trail was soft and wet, so we already concluded that our climb will be difficult because it will be slippery.  Jay is the lead guy (na climb niya na kasi ang Mt. Kalisungan) second to the lead is bhong (who is DPM orig  leadman), Im the middle guy and bhaby is always the sweeper. On our way to the summit it was fun and exciting especially Ken Borj who is very quiet and all he is doing when we are asking a question if his OK is just making a sign language (pagod na ata kaya hindi na makapag salita), he also drinks about 3 liters of water (required to bring indicated in the IT) plus one Gatorade (wow bigat sa tiyan nyan, hinayhinay lang sa pag-inom) even though he is already tired and exhausted (bakas sa mukha eh, hehehe), Borj never quits (that’s the spirit, mabuhay ka Borj!!!).

On our way up there is a confusing trail wherein the trail split into two, so we take a right turn not knowing that we make a wrong turn (sa medaling salita NALIGAW kami, ang dami kasing trail eh) anyway we put down our backpack and find the trail to the summit, we are making a hurry because its already getting dark. After a few minutes we found the trail that leads to the summit (experience lang ang haba pala ng grassland, grabe pagod ng lahat, hehehe). We reach the summit at 1830H, finally we lay down our bags. Bhong, Dave and Gwen prepare for dinner while the others prepare the tents and the place.

Food is now prepared (syempre sarap panalo Adobo, paborito ni Edel) and giniling with baguio beans, after we ate of course is now session time our pulutan are chicharon, left over of the adobo, kropek and the very delicious kikiam. After a while when we are having our socialites rains began to fall, not that heavy but not that light, so we pack our things and go to my tent (buti na lang waterproof ang flooring noon at may rain cover) so our session still continues until 0030H (lights out).

Bhong and I wake-up at around 530H and prepare for the breakfast it is still raining so we cook our breakfast inside the tent of mine. After we have eaten are breakfasts it’s now time to descend even though the rain is not stopping. We descent at around 0800H and reach the jump-off point at 1030H (and daming nadulas, saying walang nahuling palaka… sino ba pinakamadami dave dib a ikaw ang scorer basta ang alam ko si borj ginawang Splash Island ang pagbaba, hehehe).

So we take a bath on Aling Amiee’s Place using an artesian well (poso baga) eventhough its something like that, we feel fresh and dirt and mud was removed from our shoes and shirt, especially Borj who take a bath from all the corner of the place of Aling Amiee’s, hehehe (sarapa panalo maligo). After we take a bath we go on videoke and some social drinking, of course there is a videoke in front of us (so exciting uminom kasi may kantahan, especially bong and bhaby who is held the BIRIT King of the group). We departed on Aling Amiee’s Place at around 1700H and eat some GOTO when we arrived at Calamba, Truly our climb of Mt. Kalisungan will be as memorable as the other climb. Hope to see you soon on our next climb, Mt. Makiling Traverese this event also will be exciting as the other mountains that we have already conquered, see you soon to all members and non-members, GOD bless us and pray for us. Thank You very much……….


See you soon on our next climb. Makiling Traverse . . . . . .

Meeting Place @ Jollibee Pacita

Mendez Family

Jump-off (Eraes Farms)

Pahinga Muna ......

Natapos din ang mahabang Grassland

Inuman sa Tent (naulan kasi . .)

Best photo of our Climb . . . Star !!!!

Group Pix . . . pababa na kami

may poist na pag dapa . .

Finally baba na kami . . .

Showertime (feel na feel ni Borj, hehehe)


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