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About Us

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Mountaineering Motto:

"Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time".

Our History

It started in the year 2005, when three individuals namely Ian Villamin, Allan Tisado and Joepz Tanega accompanied by there friends Robert and Shirly go to a town fiesta in Majayjay Sta Cruz Laguna, they have dicided to have an overnight camp at Majayjay falls which was recommended by Robert S.
After the town fiesta at majayjay, Ian, Allan, and Joepz go home to Pacita and stay at Allan's house to have some chat, another friend of the three came along (Ronald Fines), they have some nice conversation and the main topic of thier chat was life and excitement in the mountains. Ian and Ronald were encouraging Allan and Joepz how exciting a mountaineer can be, because Ian (former SANIBS and Mountain GOAT club) and Ronald also a SANIBS mountaineering group were familiar in mountaineering activities. After the chit chat and convincing power of the two, the four decided to climb the mountain for beginners (Mt. Famy) and they scheduled it on December 5, 2005. 
At first they did not how to name the group, they even rumble their first and last letter of their names to get a good name for their mountaineering group, until Ian being the pioneer of the four decided to name the group Dahonpalay Mountaineer, (vein snake). So the four agree to name the club Dahonpalay Mountaineers. 

DPM Members:

Ian Villamin - Team Leader
Ronald Fines - Sweeper
Allan Tisado - Medic
Joepz Tanega - Middle man
Year 2005
1.0 Ellen Clarete - Medic
Year 2006:
1.0 Bong Fines (former SANIBS and Mountain Goat) - Leadman / Cook
2.0 Joel Fines
3.0 Jane Fines
4.0 Rochelle
5.0 Nikko David
6.0 Paolo Broquesa (Mapua Mountaineer)
7.0 Popo Dacanay (nasa Singapore na ito)
8.0 Melissa Flores
10.0 Lynne Bernales
11.0 Rommel Fines (former SANIBS Mountaineer)
12.0 Teddy Prado
13.0 Jolab Bautista
Year 2007:
1.0 Rommel Corcoro
2.0 Jenalyn Ordonez
3.0 Jocelyn Costillas
4.0 Pearl Anglo
5.0 Jay Mendez
6.0 Edel Paguia
7.0 Jomar Mendez 
8.0 Gwen Mendez
Year 2008:
1.0 Ken Aro


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